Considerations for choosing an appropriate award

posted Nov 15, 2012, 12:22 PM by Abdallah Absi

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Considerations for choosing an appropriate award

An appropriate award is an award that actualize it’s purpose. It’s important to select the appropriate kind of award. Be it a plaque, trophy, pin, desk accessory, or other item, an award must be well crafted with quality materials. The considerations listed below will guide you in making a better decision on an appropriate award tuned to your special needs.

An appropriate award award must be:

  • Well crafted with quality materials

  • Attractive. An ideal award will snap the admiration of both the beholder and the audience. Eventually the honored recipient must be proud to show.

  • A good representative because it will carry for a long time the image of the organization or individual presenting it.

  • Appropriate for the honored and his accomplishments. It must capture the attention of the recipient .

  • Appropriate for the level of importance of the occasion. It is good to remember that for the recipient most of these occasions happen once in a lifetime.

  • Appropriate in size and appearance for the stage and the audience. Think about photographers at the moment of presenting it.

  • In line with the organization's budget

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