Magida El Roumi At AUB

posted Sep 25, 2012, 7:51 PM by Abdallah Absi

On July 4th, AUB was delighted to host Magida El Roumi at a special event, during which she announced the donation of all proceeds from individually signed copies of her new album “Gazal” to AUB scholarship Fund (more here: El Roumi expressed her pride at taking part in the nurturing of new AUB generations, who she hoped would be instilled with a message of peace, education and culture. A great number of our alumni
, colleagues and friends responded to this noble drive and reserved their copy of the CD by giving a gift of $50 or more. In this way, they have helped pave the way for deserving AUB students to realize their dream of higher education, and thus preparing them for leading roles in the future of their communities.