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3D Sports

These distinctive 35~50 mm medals has been manufactured with extra care and attention to detail. The 3D impression depicted on these medals is embossed in relief making it a miniature piece of art.
These medals can be presented in different compositions depending on your budget and occasion.
Choose the impression that is suitable for your recipient then choose the presentation method that best fits your budget and occasion.

Can be Presented as:
  1. A coin. (in a crystal clear coin box).
  2. A key holder. (with a key holder and a chain, packed in a plastic box).
  3. As a coin or a key holder but personalized further by having your logo, name and /or message engraved on the backside.
  4. A paper weight (see different models available in the desk accessories page).
  5. A standalone desktop medal. (With a box and a stander).
  6. A luxury item if ordered to be minted from silver.
  7. An extra ordinary gift if ordered to minted from 18 K gold.
Variety of finishing to choose from:
  1. Gold-plated 
  2. Silver-plated
  3. Silver_plated with antique patina.
For a better overall look diamond cut is applied to the medal's perimeter (as a standard). But you can choose your perimeter to be:
  1. Without diamond cut.
  2. Mirror diamond cut.
  3. Fine carving.
  4. Coarse Carving.
  5. In case your medal is silver-plated brass, you can choose your diamond cut perimeter to be either:
    1. Silver color
    2. Brilliant brass color.

Standard Features & Specifications

  • Minted from brass. (as standard).
  • Circular shape.
  • 35, 40 or 50 mm in diameter, depending on model type.
  • Thickness: 3 mm (as standard).
  • Packed in a crystal clear plastic box.

H= height mm. Kg = Trophy weight in Kilograms.All dimensions and weights are approximate.